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I’m a success at life. A success at nailing it.
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guess who just scheduled another permit appointment?

i’ll give you a hint: it’s the same person who probably won’t let it lapse again because she is trying to do more than just appear to be an adult


okay, so i haven’t bought the tickets yet, but come monday i will and then i’ll be counting the days until i can show justinne just how attractive jason mantzoukas is when he calls people sexy garbage bags full of mayonnaise

fingers crossed about adding a late show

  • (watching the raid 2)
  • me: what do you think is under those gloves?
  • john: (shrugs)
  • me; oh! maybe they're like, like penis fingers!
  • john: (staring at me)
  • me: with vaginas for palms!
  • john: (shaking his head) i don't ...
  • me: (wheeze laughing)
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Twiggy: When I Think of You

i woke up at 7 for no reason this morning so i watched no holds barred

i made lemonade, guys

i made lemonade

i’m kind of surprised that waiting until the last minute to do my time consuming homework was not the best idea ever

  • me: I don't think I can come over this weekend.
  • Heather: But... but what about all of the pizza we were supposed to eat?
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Johnny Thunders,
Hurt me


Johnny Thunders “She’s So Strange”

I am wearing the outfit I want to die in.
My life has been building up to this.

i feel like death and have a bunch of homework to do but i’m going to school and work anyway because i already have my perfect outfit picked out!

unicornery said: ohhh pobrecita :( get well soon!

can i just tell you how much i love that you use pobrecita? i really really do.

and don’t feel sorry for me, i got asked out on a date today. i said no because, you know, gross, but i’ve obviously tapped into a new market of guys that are into sick me

my illness brings all the boys to the yard

unicornery said:…

yes, it was pretty much exactly like this only with more snot, coughing, and mouth breathing